Monday, May 9, 2016

Moms, Cats, Flowers and Cavs!

We have a t-shirt that covers the opening of a box for Phoebe.  She loves going in there to hide.  She also loves scaring us by jumping out of the box when we don't know she's in there.

This is one of my favorite Spring flowers. My mom and grandmother grew them. 
I have some as well and they multiply very easily and quickly.
Their purring also helps the humans that are holding them.
Here's the final numbers for the score from last nights game. It was a real nail-biter. I had different coaching ideas than Leu did.
So the Cleveland Cavs did a sweep of the series against Atlanta. So now they have time to rest before the finals. They've played better, but a win is a win.
I love Spring time and all the flowers.
Here's a picture of sunrise this morning. The sun comes up at 6 or so. I got up to take pictures, then I went back to sleep.
Nag's Head, North Carolina
We've been enjoying our time here in Nag's Head, N.C. Yesterday and today were lay low days where we just rested. Tonight we saw a wedding on the beach right on the beach by our house. It was pretty cool to watch. It was a small wedding but fun to see.
Sarah and Rachel were glued to the balcony door.
This is from Pastor Rick Warren for Mother's Day.
The Joy and Sadness of Mother’s Day: My Prayer for all Moms
My prayer
for all moms:

Dear God,
none of us had perfect moms, but we honor them because you chose them to create each of us. And we honor all the many kinds of mothers today. You’ve told us to “weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice” so that’s what we do today.
We ask you to comfort those with heartaches today... those who’ve lost their mothers, moms who’ve lost a child through miscarriage or death, our step moms who struggle with blending a family, those who’ve have delayed or failed adoptions, for moms who have a broken relationship with a child, for those who’ve been hurt by a child, those who’ve wanted to be mothers but it hasn’t happened, those who’ve struggled with infertility;
But we also celebrate with the mothers in our church... those who gave birth this year to a new baby, those who have adopted or welcomed foster kids, those who welcomed grand-babies this year, those who serve as spiritual moms to our teens, those who are carrying precious babies inside of them right now...
We thank you for our moms in every stage of life the mothers of preschoolers whose work is never finished, moms of grade schoolers who play chauffeur, pack lunches and help with homework everyday, moms who feel both the pride and ache of an empty nest, grandmothers who pray for both their families and our church family- On this Mother’s Day, we commit ourselves to honoring, loving, and protecting the mothers in our lives and our church family, and we thank you for the gift of mothers.
In Jesus name.. Amen.
Verse of the Day:
Blessing of the Day: Family time on the beach. Tim and I walking the beach.
Funny story: Tim wanted to walk from our house to the pier. I kept reminding him
that we had to walk back. Well, we made it to the pier which was 1.5 miles.
Tim called Ben and he came to get us! LOL The kids say they won't let us out of
their sight now!
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