Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Boats, Beaches and Planes

As we continue our adventure, today we're sailing on the Goodtime III.  There are daily trips, Luncheon trips and Nightly Dance Cruises.  The Goodtime III has it all.  This ship can also be rented out for weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc.  The daily cruises have a great guided tour of Cleveland and it's many different types of bridges.
Sunset over the Goodtime-III Boat
Goodtime 3 in Northcoast Harbor Larry E. Highbaugh Jr.
Goodtime III River cruise at sunset
The GOODTIME III was built in Jennings, LA by LeVac Shipyards and is 151′ x 40′ and has a capacity of 1,000 passengers total.

This ship weighs over 500 Tons fully loaded with cargo and passengers. She carries 4,600 gallons of potable drinking water, 6,500 gallons of fuel, 5,000 gallons for wastewater, and is powered by 2-Cummins KT-19 Turbo Diesel Engines producing 850 Horse Power. This ship is also equipped with a 200 Horse Power Bow Thruster and has 2-100 KW Generator Sets for electricity.Home port is East 9th Street Pier, Cleveland, OH ( next to the Rock -n- Roll Hall of Fame + Museum and the Great Lakes Science Center ).

We've been enjoying the beach with our umbrellas and chairs. The girls here are playing in the waves. You know the feeling you get when the waves crash over your feet then slowly you feel off balance?
It's fun to do and fun to watch.
 We went to Kitty Hawk and saw where the Wright brothers took off and landed their glider planes.  It's pretty interesting to actually see how far each plane went.
 This is the top where the first flights with gliders happened. The Wright brothers had people help them climb the sand dunes to get to the top. We climbed a paved path to the top and it was very hard!
It showed me how dedicated they were. When they climbed it, they were trudging up sand dunes!
Many people asked if they were buried there.  They are not buried there. The doors are to enable people to go up to the light at the top.  Both brothers are buried in the family plot at Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.
 This is a replica of one of the planes.  We saw up close the set up to fly the plane and there's nothing holding you on the plane.  You lay down and place your feet against a steel foot plate. You lean on your arms to steer.
 The girls had fun posing by each of the statues.  Then we got the whole family into it.
 I got to be in one of the pictures too. That's me doing rabbit ears behind the photographer.
Verse of the Day: This is a very tough thing to do.

Blessing of the Day: Having fun with the family on vacation.

Please pray for my sister Patty and her family.  Her father-in-law is dying.  She is an RN and taking care of him there at home.  Gene is a wonderful, soft-spoken farmer who lived in Illinois until Patty and Allen brought him to their home. They had hoped to have a long time with him, but that won't happen with his heart problem and lymphoma.

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