Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cool God Story on Father's Day 2016 With Julia Child

I love how God works in our lives, don't you? This is another "Cool God Story." The following is an email I received from my friend at the South Carolina Dept. of Juvenile Justice System.

Oh He works in wonderful ways

Good morning Sue,

I had a meeting with our Director of Social Work.  She shared that we have challenges keeping families engaged; knowing what’s happening with their child while they are in the Juvenile Justice System.  She wondered if we could develop a some sort of correspondence or card program that would allow all kids to have access to nice greeting cards that they could send to their families.  This would be a free service allowing kids to touch base and use their own words to tell their families how things are going.  Knowing some youth aren’t comfortable with writing letters home, maybe sending a greeting card would be easier?  I told her about you and your card ministry.  She was really excited!  We agreed to meet at a future date to see what that this program might look like; how many cards we’d need, etc.

I get back to the office and there’s a box of cards from you.  GOOSEBUMPS!

Don’t you just love when He works in mysterious ways like that!?

So I’m  here to tell you that God was using you sister—ohhh he was using you for good!  J  Thank you for the incredible blessing!



Isn't that a wonderful use of talents and gifts?  Many of the cards I sent were those that were donated by a beautiful lady who wanted to donate cards to anyone who needed them.  I told her of the different places I donate cards to and she sent a huge box full of cards.

This is the sweet girl who has been keeping me company. Chili girl loves to be petted. This afternoon she jumped up on the couch where I was reading, and settled right in to being petted.  If I stopped she would nudge me with her nose.
 Look at these lovely flowers my brother-in-law and sister put in my room.  They are from their garden.  I am so jealous because the deer eat anything beautiful that I plant in my yard.
 We met with Julia Child the other day at the Botanical Gardens.  I'm not sure why it's named what it is, but I thought it would help make a catchy title today.
 Annie and I wanted a picture with the beautiful flowers in the background.
 Annie took this picture and to me it looks like a framed piece of art or a jigsaw puzzle.  This would be a very difficult puzzle to put together.
Annie and I were having our picture taken in front of the fountain when I grabbed Anne's hat to put it on. Always fun to act like a kid when we're together.
Yellow roses are one of my favorite colors of roses. I had to get this picture of them, they are the only roses I'll be able to have.
Game 7 tonight. Both of these guys will probably go 'all-out' when they play.  It's gonna get rough out there tonight.
LeBron James Stephen Curry
It's going to be a tough game tonight. I get so invested that I get a headache while watching the game. Taking Excedrin before this one begins! LOL  I'll be watching here in Milwaukee.
Quiz: Should you root for the Warriors or the Cavaliers in Game 7?
Verse of the Day:Love one another.  If there was ever a time to apply this it's now.  There's so much division and hatred in our country and world. Lord, please come into our world and lives again.  We're so much like Israel, turning to idols and away from God.  When will we ever learn?  Our country isn't what it was even 8 years ago.  Mr. and Mrs. O, in the White House have taken care of that. Getting down from my soap box now.
I heard this song by Jason Gray as I was writing today and just had to have in here.  It talks about worry.  We should leave it all in God's hands. He is always with us, He'll never leave us.

Blessing of the Day: Time with Anne and Stas'. We watched one of my favorite movies: Serendipity on Netflix.
Thank you for stopping in today.

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