Friday, June 17, 2016

Bierhaus, Fairy Garden, All In

I'm catching up on writing and posting some pictures. The first two pictures are from The Bavarian Bierhaus, here in Milwaukee.  It's an amazing place.  The first picture is Annie and Stas'.
This is Annie and me. We had an amazing dinner. They got the fish fry and I got a huge sandwich.  We all got boxes to-go as well. LOL
This is one of the gorgeous roses we saw yesterday at the Botanical Gardens of Milwaukee.
It's truly an amazing place.  I got some wonderful pictures of all kinds of flowers and scenic areas.

The next three pictures are of the fairy garden they'd made in these gardens.

Cleveland is in a frenzy now that we've forced a game 7 in California.  We're so close to clinching a title we haven't seen in over 50 years.  In all of our sports, we've come so close but lost. Sunday is the game we HAVE to win.  Can't wait to see the game Sunday. Go Cavs!

I remember someone telling me this a long time ago. I thought it would be a good reminder to post it for you and for me.

We were just talking about using our gifts and talents Wednesday at Bible Study.  This is your best witness to unbelievers.

I saw this and wanted to keep it handy so I'm posting it here.

Here's another new song from Steven Curtis Chapman's new album. This is called Hallelujah, You Are Good.

Blessing of the Day: Fun time with Annie and Stas'. Time for quiet time and time with the dogs outside. I feel blessed God, thank you.

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