Sunday, July 3, 2016

Deli, Adam, Tribe

It's been a weird kind of week.  I was instantly sick one morning just as I was about to leave to go to a friend's house.  I even had a lunch date with Tim that I missed.  I've never had something like that out of the blue.  I was almost finished with a banana for breakfast.  That set me back for a couple of days.
It took the energy away from me.  I didn't go out and I felt down without contact from friends.  It took lots of work to get back to wanting to make cards.
Have you ever had a few days like that?
Glad that's over!

Report: Bucks, Matthew Dellavedova agree to four-year, $38 million deal
Matthew Dellavedova and the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a four-year offer sheet worth $38 million. So Annie, you'll soon have an Aussie on your team. He seems to be a great role model too.
The Cleveland Cavaliers have three days to match if they want to keep him. I don't think Cleveland will pay that much for him.  We'll see.
Clevelanders yelled, "Deli Tre (tray)" when he would make a three-point shot!  I remember having to explain it to a woman.  You know his name is Delli, and he scored 3 points which is tre, in Italian.

This is a cute card I saw on Pinterest the other day.  I thought it was so unique. I also think 50 is young for an 'oldometer.'
This is a gorgeous shot from Linwood Lake in Ohio. A friend posted it a few days ago. This is a community of summer cottages in Vermilion, Ohio.
Oh my, look at this sweet, sweet boy.  He's up and active which is great to see.  This is Adam eyeing the bee toy.
Here is Adam with his my, my niece Bekah.  Adam is eating baby food and is getting to look like a cute, chunky, monkey.  His hair is turning blonde on the top and is red in the back.

Well, the Cleveland Indians won 14 in a row which is a club record.  The Indians and the Blue Jays battled it out in a game that went 19 innings!  Toronto had a second base man pitch the last few innings of the game.  They ran out of pitchers.  Incredible isn't it?

The game lasted 6 hours and 13 minutes.  The next day both teams were tired but the Jays won that game.  So happy for Cleveland sports teams.

This is a card my friend, Jan designed for a make and take.  I can't wait to send this to Sarah.  Check out the inside sentiment.
 Here is the inside sentiment...Sarah's gonna love it!

This is a reassuring song about God's love for you.  Check it out. I always try to get the lyrics so you can see them as they are sung. It means more to me.

Blessing of the Day: Tim and I went to church and had a good conversation about the sermon.
Tomorrow is our 4th of July picnic.
Thanks for stopping by.

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