Sunday, July 17, 2016

Enough, Love, Cleveland, Goldens

Saw this on FB and had to share this.  I think we all need a reminder of how to tend a relationship.  We often take each other for granted whether in a  family, relationship or marriage.  Make me happy and I will make you happy.  It works for everyone.  One of the Christian comedians that I've heard says he lives by this, "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" LOL
 I feel just like this. I can actually hear myself screaming it at the top of my lungs!  We need to be on our knees praying that Satan's villains will become overcome with all the prayers going heavenward. I pray that we show God that we DO want Him here in America!  Why is it the minority is running things?  We need to call God to send us his mercy and grace.  We as a nation have fallen so far from God.  Help us God, please.

This was posted by our local police station to show that they support their brothers and sisters all around with the horrible events going on lately.  God bless our police. They are what stands between good and evil on the streets.
This is my sister-in-law and her husband at the Love rally in Cleveland today.  People stood on both sides of the Hope Memorial bridge silently and praying for our city as the RNC begins tomorrow.  I'm praying that Cleveland stays peaceful.  I am scared what this week will bring.  Please pray for Cleveland.
This is a fantastic picture. The people on the bridge shook hands with officers who were there and thanked them for their service.  They have a hard job. Now they will have an even more difficult job with the RNC in town.  Please protect them Lord.
Cleveland has been beautified and is ready physically for the Republican National Convention.

Lots of beautiful pictures of our city.

 The picture of Lebron  on the area WILL stay even if the RNC doesn't like it. YES!

Here is a card I made to honor the card maker of the week. Hers is in purple and mine is in pink.

 Look at these beautiful pair of Goldens! Lulu is on the left and Wally is on the right.  An online friend takes pictures of her 'kids' and chooses 12 for an annual photo calendar. I love the look they have staring at one of their owners while the wife takes the picture.
 You can see Wally's getting some white hair around his muzzle and eyes. He's the older of the two. They seem to have such sweet personalities. Every time this woman blogs, there's always some story about the events of the day with these two.  She is also a brilliant and very talented card maker as well.  I say she could make money photographing animals!
Blessing of the Day: I got to swim in the pool. I used my goggles and actually swam laps.  However that I didn't feel very well so I laid low the rest of the day.
Prayers Please:With the Republican National Convention on town all week, please pray for peace here in Cleveland.  We had 1.3 million people downtown to celebrate the Cavs win, praying we can have a peaceful week.

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