Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's HOT, HOT, HOT Here in Cleveland!

We've had temps in the 90's and heat indexes that say to stay inside.  The only way to get through it is with air conditioning and the pool.  I swam tonight after vacuuming the pool. The water was heated by the sun all day and was 86 degrees.  It actually was chilly when I got in, then felt warm. I'm so thankful for the air conditioning and the pool.

Well, we here in Cleveland are thanking God for protecting our city and all of the officers from around the nation who came to work at the RNC this week.  There were so many great comments about the police and the fun things that went on this week.  A group showed up to protest but ended up playing duck, duck, goose in Perk Park!  LOL
Imagine the police that went to check out that!
 This is a gorgeous picture of the Terminal Tower at Public Square.  I think this was taken from the Goodyear Blimp.
I laughed at this because it reminded me of my Grandma Francis.  She was a 4'10" lady who loved to cook.  When we'd ask to watch her cook, she'd use a little of this a pinch of that.  She didn't use measuring cups or spoons.  She was taught to cook this way as well I believe. 
We tried to get some of her recipes but it was too hard for her to stop and measure everything.
I'm so glad that I've done this, or rather God's helped to do this in my life. You don't need to live with drama!

I saw this on FB and had to include it here.  It would have been funny to hand out Snicker's bars to demonstrators and see what it would do for them. LOL
 This is a card I made today for the stamper of the week. The first card was my inspiration for my card.
I used some of my metallic paper for the background of the card.  It is gold, but looks black here.
 This is the card I made today for another challenge.  The card I made is called a 'Z' fold card. It's cool when it opens up.
Check out this cute video of my great nephew laughing at the coughing his mom does.
This is one of the verses I used to have on my wall.  Remember when those vinyl sayings for the wall were popular?  Well Stampin' Up sold one with this verse on it and it was in our foyer for all to see when they entered the front door.

This is a new song to me by Matthew West.  Give it a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Tim hung my plant hooks on the screened in porch. Now my indoor plants can hang and be exposed to the sun.

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