Monday, July 25, 2016


I can't believe it's Monday! I've been busy making cards and running errands.  I found this video about CKM's which means, Crying Kindergarten Moms.  This principal has made quite a few videos. If you are a teacher your really understand him. His videos are quite funny to watch.  Take a peek.

The closer it gets to August, the more tense teachers get.  They know summer vacation is almost over. The feeling of the first day of school is overpowering. You know the way you feel each time Sunday evening rolls around?  Well it's a million times worse for teachers.

This is a true statement. Teaching procedures and routines the first two weeks gives you fewer behavior issues in the months to come.
Here's a little buddy that visited one morning.  I came out to do quiet time and he's was already hanging around! LOL
This is a gorgeous picture of the Cleveland sky line taken from the lake.
I got a new stamp set and played around with it.  I've always loved the word JOY for a Christmas card because I love playing around with adding things to the word, like the manger scene and the star.
A friend gave me a few fairy stamps so I made a card for Sarah.  She loves the fairy garden items at Maria's Garden Center. This fairy and her flowers are glittery which you can't see in the picture.
I made two of these and gave them to Emily tonight for her two granddaughters. Here is a link to the directions.
These are some of the cards I made today with Emily.  When we get together to stamp we often use what either of us has recently made or what we've pinned on Pinterest.
This verse reminds me that it's not enough to read your Bible but you must put it into action.  You must grow and develop into a mature Christian.
As you mature as a Christian you should begin to show The Fruits of the Spirit. They are as follows.
This is one of my favorite Michael W. Smith songs.  When I was divorced, this helped me though some tough times. I had some very close friends who helped me through.  I cry sometimes thinking of some of the friends I had years ago that aren't friends now.  People grow, change and come in and out of your life as God plans it.  I thank God for all of the friends he's brought my way.  They made an impact on me in good ways or bad ways. I've learned from so many friends and loved so many friends.  Many friends are like family.  That's a true blessing.  Thank you God for bringing me different people in my life when I needed them most.

Blessing of the Day: Stamping with Emily and making 2 chicken pot pies together for dinner.
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