Friday, July 29, 2016

To See and Not To See That is The Situation

It's been a busy week here.  Wednesday I had my cataract/Lasix surgery for my right eye.  I have 20/20 vision in my right eye and blurry vision in my left without glasses.  So it's been a tough week to try to read things or type things.

I saw this on FB and loved it.  So often now we are accused of  terrible things when we disagree with someone.  Since when do we all have to agree?  What happened to agree to disagree?  It's seems that our world is breeding such hate.  If you don't agree with someone you hate them! WHAT?  What a crazy, wrong notion.  Our world is really messed up with this kind of thinking.  Since when do we hate or be cruel to those we don't agree with?  It's so sad what this world has turned into.

Another gorgeous picture of Cleveland.  Guess what? Cleveland is having an appreciation weekend to thank the citizens of Cleveland for their positive efforts during the convention.  Pretty cool huh?

Verse of the Day:Continuing to walk with the Spirit keeps us close to the Lord and His ways.  Therefore we won't be as apt to seek the desires of the flesh.  Satan will battle us but we must be diligent in our Bible reading and praying to Jesus.  He will keep us on the straight and narrow.

This is a song by Urban Rescue called, Never Stop.  This is a new song for me.  See what you think.

Blessing of the Day: Tim and I went out to eat. I got green beans from Sarah's garden. A friend of mine brought cucumbers and beans from her garden.

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