Thursday, August 18, 2016

Like a Whirlwind Around Here

Today and last night I spent time going through drawers and cabinets for things to donate to a woman who has a  safe place for battered women and children.  The woman was asking for things to make cards with.  Now I know that when it comes to getting rid of things, it's the hardest thing a stamper can do.

I decided that there were so many things here laying around.  You know what I mean.  You have 35 bottles of Stickles glue bottles cuz you liked every color!
I used the 10 colors I had rarely now that we have Wink of Stella.  So I put all 10 bottles in the box.

How about years ago when Stampin' Up had watercolor pencils and crayons.  Do you still use those?  Nope, me neither. Those went into the box.

How about the 3 acrylic blocks that were  acquired randomly years ago. Didn't think so-I didn't use mine either.  So those blocks went into the box.

How about all of the retired designer papers you have that are half-used? You can't keep them if the colors are retired and you don't have the ink to go with them.  Into the box they went.
You get the picture. I went through almost everything to see what else I could donate.  I'm thinking downsizing as well.  With Ben and Rachel moving out, I'm not sure what will happen next.  I know though that if we downsize there won't be room for even half my stuff so I'm taking care of that now.

I have to tell you that I felt good doing this knowing I hadn't used the supplies in a long time and someone else would be encouraging others with these supplies.

So today I didn't stamp any cards at all! AAAAAHHHHHH it can't be true can it?

Ben and Tim left very early this morning to drive to Williamsport, PA to watch the Little League World Series.
Usually when Ben was younger and on a travel team, we'd still be playing baseball through July. So we'd end up going on vacations in August.  So staying in a hotel we'd always find the World Series going on and we'd watch it.

Well, now Tim and Ben are visiting to see for themselves how the real games compare to watching them on TV.  Sounds like so far they like the games. The food is bad but at least their stadium has a roof covering part of the stands.

Sounds like the international stadium has now roof at all.  It has to be brutal to play in the sun.

I remember the days Ben did this year round. The one thing I hated was that each and every holiday we'd be playing baseball somewhere.  Now I miss watching kids play ball. I guess I'm going to have to find a few games to watch this weekend.

I hope this encourages you today.

This is a photo of my Stampin' Up markers.  I used three tops from our Project Life Cards and held them together with those binding clips. I filled them with my markers and put some post-it notes under the front of the box to tip it up.  This made it easier to take the pens in and out.  I put my business card holder on it.

I was out dead-heading flowers and ended up being stung by something.  I never saw it.  Oh my did it hurt!  It stung for an hour or more. Tim said whatever it was must have been on a branch I cut and had thrown it into the garbage can I had with me.  He said he could hear something buzzing so he took the container and dumped it into the woods.  So I guess I'll never know what the mystery bug was.

Verse of the Day:Every day is a gift from God. I'm seeing that more and more these days. I'm looking around more and more and amazed at what God does in our lives.

Here's a new song from Casting Crowns called, One Step Away.  Take a listen.

Blessing of the Day: Sarah and Brianna came for dinner and with Rachel, we all laughed through dinner.  The girls swam a bit then got ready for the Bots show on tv.  I guess it wasn't on tonight.  They did decide a visit to Dairy Queen was in order.  Sarah asked if I wanted something. I said a peanut buster parfait.  I told them I was kidding.  I'm trying to stay away from that stuff.  It's going to be easier when Ben and Rachel aren't here.  Then there won't be junk food in the house.

Got to get some sleep cuz I've been busy today.  I have to drop off Rachel at work.  Then I'll be off to run errands.

Thank you for stopping by.
Let me know how you are doing.

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