Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spoiled Cat Named Phoebe!

Not much of a poet but this cat is spoiled rotten!  She sleeps on the table between our chairs on the porch.  Tim pets her as a stress reliever.  He even puts a small water bowl on this table so Phoebe doesn't have to go far to drink water!

Sleeping kitty, sleeping kitty, boy you have the life.
Eating, drinking, sleeping all day and of course you have no strife.
Spoiled rotten by my husband Tim.
I'm the one who is upset
Tim don't you see?
I'm jealous of this cat,
I want your attention just for me.

Here's Phoebe in all her cuteness sleeping on the table.  Guess who is petting her?  Her best friend of course.
When Phoebe gets tired of the hard table to sleep on, she jumps from the table to Tim's lap in the recliner.  Spoiled or what? Ha-ha.
Crafting comes before most things in my opinion!
Verse of the Day: Faith and trust are what we are leaning on right now.  Hopefully Tim will keep his job with his current employer. The company is being sold. There's always stress not knowing if you'll have a job. Prayers appreciated.

This is a beautiful song sung by Kristian Stanfill. Give it a listen.

Blessings of the Day: Jan and Jane came over to stamp.  We each made a card and did a shoe box exchange. 
Tim and I got a lot done today.  It was storming a lot today so inside jobs were getting done.
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craftygalslife said...

awweeee look at the baby. love that cutie. I have 2 cat fur babies.