Friday, October 28, 2016

Two To Go

What a nail-biter of a baseball game we had tonight! We won 1-0 but came awfully close a few times to having that score changed.  Coco Crisp batted in our run. It was an amazing pitcher's game.  The pitchers on both teams were tough to hit.

Josh Tomlin was the opening pitcher for Cleveland. His father who almost lost his life a few months ago was in the stands watching his son.  His dad is paralyzed from the chest down. Josh is close to his parents so it was a very special night to pitch in the World's Series and have them watch him.  Thank you Lord for all you've done for this family.
 This game reminded me of the way the Cleveland Browns used to play years ago when they were called, 'The Cardiac Kids.'  Every game was tense and you never knew what was going to happen.  It seems in this series whoever goes ahead first is the winner.
 Chief Wahoo is still causing some people to be angry.  He is smiling as we progress in this world series.
 Cocco Crisp hitting in a run for Cleveland.
Here are cards I made using a free violet image from Debbie Olson.  It reminded me so much of my Grandma Francis. She grew violets in her dining room on a cute table.

Blessing of the Day: Watching the game with Tim.
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