Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 2 Feeling Blue

Well, tonight the Cleveland Indians lost 5-1.  I know that's to be expected. That's what a great World Series is all about.  Tomorrow is a travel day to Chicago and we play Friday once again.  Wrigley Field is the place they will play the next three games.

 This is the card for today's challenge; use ribbon on your card.  This image was a free digital image from Debbie Olson. She is an amazing artist who can draw images and color them beautifully with Copic Markers.
This was on FB and it reminded me of a time when my dad put too much popcorn into the pan.  We kids didn't know this until the popcorn raised the lid of the pan! Oh what squealing there was in the kitchen!  I'm sure it delighted my Dad no end to hear all of us squealing about the popcorn going on the floor!  What a wonderful memory.  I love how God does this now and then so we get glimpses of the past to share with others.
 I'm so glad I don't feel like this anymore.  It was a way of life when I taught. Somehow you just get used to it.
 So glad God's preparing me for what comes ahead.  How about you?
Praising God once again.  It's now Thursday and Tim and I went to my eye  dr. appt.  I again told the Dr. how unhappy I was with the lenses I have right now. I don't have near vision at all.  I have to hold everything at arms length to read it.  I prayed before the visit and while we were there.  Tim came to talk to the dr. also.  His point was for the money we paid for both lenses, I shouldn't have to have two pairs of glasses to see.  The dr. heard what I said and praise the Lord I have an appt. to have surgery to replace the left lens with a lens that will allow me to see up close.  We both praised God walking out of the office this morning!  Thank you God.

Blessing of the Day: God working things out with my eye appt.

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