Saturday, December 10, 2016

Chloe is Here!

Well, our six week old munchkin kitten has arrived from Iowa.  We picked her up last night.  She was pretty scared and didn't meow the whole trip home.  I felt so bad for her.  Here she is peeking out of her pretty, pink safe place.
 Here's the inside of her pretty, pink place.  She's already figured out it's soft enough for sleep.
 See what I mean?  She's snuggled in for sleep. She's like a kid though, as soon as I moved, she was up walking around meowing.
 I got a blanket and put it in my lap and she fell asleep so quickly.  She's such a sweet thing!
 Here is my card for today's inspiration challenge.  The sunglasses were my inspiration.  You can see I used the colors and shape of the glasses.  The background is a new Stampin' Up embossing folder called, Hexagons textured embossing folder.  It will be available in January when our new occasions catalog goes live.  It's another 3-D look.
  These cute bears are from a Wplus9 stamp set called, Curious Forest Friends. There are dies for this set as well as many more stamps.  I can't wait to play some more.
Komono Bonnie Sunglasses
 Isn't Chloe sweet looking.  Check our the black spot by her nose.  Tim picked out her name.  He thought Chloe would go well with Phoebe.  I think so too.  She has such a tiny meow.
I found her looking down at me from the stairs on the second floor.  This tiny monkey climbed the double gate in her room and jumped down to free herself.
So we are wondering what to do with her tonight so Phoebe doesn't encounter her walking around. Oh the joys of kittens again!  We haven't had kittens for 15 years.
Verse of the Day:You know as a Christian parent, this is what you have as part of the foundation you give to your children.  You train them up and entrust them to God when they leave your home.
Related image

This is a brand new Christian artist called, Micah Tyler.  This is his first song, There's Never Been a Moment.  Check it out. He sings about never being without God each step of your Christian life.  He's always with you. I really like the beat and the words.

Blessing of the Day: Getting Chloe adjusted to her new home.  Hopefully soon, her new playmate, Phoebe.

Thank you for visiting today.  Please continue to pray for Tim as the month continues. Every day at work is stressful especially not knowing what day will be his last.

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