Thursday, December 8, 2016

Praying over Cards, babies, no drama

What a feeling...When I saw this I thought it was a fantastic idea.  I tried it out today as I wrote out two cards to a two year old with cancer and her 4 year old sister. What an emotional time I had.  If you've been around me when I pray aloud, you know I cry because it really touches me to pray for someone.  I don't know these girls but know how difficult life is with cancer. I can't imagine it in a two year old.  Lord, please hold this family near.

I sent birthday cards and a thank you card and felt the cards were more special to me now that I've prayed over each one. The recipient won't know, but God and I will. :)

Try this some time. It's amazing the feeling of peace I have doing this.  Thank you Lord for putting this in front of me.

 Here's a picture of my parents when my twin sister, Annie and I came home from the hospital.  It would have been December of 1955.  They lived in an apartment in Cleveland Heights. They couldn't change the wallpaper so don't laugh at that.  I wonder with their smiling faces, what they were thinking right then?  Was this a special moment that they cherished, like Mary did with Jesus?  I can't imagine their shock when Annie and I were born.  My mom saw two bassinets in a dream and knew her weight gain was because there were two babies.  She was right.  She had an 11 month old then Annie and I came along.
Maybe they were saying, "Can we take them back?" "It's not too late!"  They are both smiling.   My dad was a fun-loving guy, so who know what was said during this time.  Maybe they laughed because each thought the other would get up with the babies!  I can't imagine having 2 newborns and an 11 month old.  They would have had to put me on drugs! LOL  I don't know how my parents did it.
We come from a large, Catholic, Italian family. There were 7 of us in all.  That number of kids gives me nightmares! LOL  It was a different time.  Many families were large.

This spoke to me as well. Anyone else?

Verse of the Day: Better is one day in your courts, better is one day in your house, than a thousand elsewhere.
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I found a song that was brought to mind as I read this scripture.

This is for all of us who are spending Christmas with an empty chair. This is a beautiful song.

Blessing of the Day: We hopefully have a good plan to get Ben reliable transportation. We'll see how it goes.
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