Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Remember Pearl Harbor

I know that many people weren't alive when Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. Heck I wasn't alive, but listening to those who were pained my heart.  To see such hate aimed at our United States makes me cry.  Satan has always been around and has caused large and small chaos and pain.  Evil has been around forever. Check out this video of a personal account of this day.
We remember Pearl Harbor.

Here's a new stamp set called, Sentimental Journey, by Gina K Designs.  I began to play around with this set and came up with all kinds of ideas. This first card was embossed with clear embossing powder on the flowers. Then I inked over them and where the embossing powder was, resists the ink. The ink surrounds the flowers. Cool huh?  The Happy Birthday is a current Happy Birthday stamp which is sold separately.
 Often times when I get a square image like this, I don't use it. I saw that I could stamp off once with pink, then stamp the purple full strength. So I played around with a design and liked this. When you stamp off once, it looks like a different ink. It allows you to have more colors than you actually have.
 This card uses the same colors as above but groups the flowers with leaves. I stamped the large and small flowers on post-it notes then cut them out. I placed these cut outs on the flowers and stamped the leaves. It makes the leaves appear behind the flowers.  This is called masking.
 This card combines both of the cards above.  I found a sentiment that fit the square stamp.  I should have stamped off the pink then stamped the purple, but you can still read it.

Our Bible Study group has been watching a video series by Chip Ingram. Last night we discussed keeping our eyes on God not the world.  It's amazing how much the world influences us without us being conscious of it or without much notice.  How things gradually happen and we really don't notice changes.

This morning in my reading, I came across the same information! Not a coincidence!

We need to focus on God and make time to read the Bible, meditate on what you've read, memorize scripture to make it part of you. We talked about how else we keep God close.  Two of us ladies said, music helped us praise God, AND learn scripture.
  It was funny we were given a Bible reference and we both came up with the same song that had the scripture in it! LOL

Verse of the Day: The world's promises are hollow. Keeping our eyes on God helps us feel safe and complete. Putting our eyes on the visible world that parades before our eyes makes us feel empty and incomplete. Satan weaves a web of deception for us with promises he cannot keep.  God keeps us close to Him and reassures us each and every step of the way; in good times and bad.
Image result for 2 corinthians 4:18 kjv

This video is so cute. I share it each Christmas from Facebook.

Check our Jeremy Camp's song, Christ in me. It is all about the world's way vs. God's way.

Ben's looking for a new car. We believe he will lease a car since the monthly payments are less and he'll have reliable transportation.  We're praying with is credit score he'll be able to get a loan.

My cold lingers as a cough now and then. I feel it mostly at night. That means days are back to normal almost.  Praise God! I know this cold could have kept me down a long time.

Blessing of the Day: Tim seems to be demonstrating Christian character at work in spite of the way they have treated him. They still haven't given him an end date.  Imagine working under those circumstances.  He's even asked HR and got no where.  Please continue to pray for us. It is stressful on both of us.

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