Monday, December 5, 2016

A New Week-Who Are You Dependent On?

Feeling a bit better today. The cold is progressing to coughing and nasal stuff. I'm taking Halls cough drops. So tired of cherry flavor! LOL

I saw this and had to post it. I love that it sounds the way you'd talk to a friend.  I talk to God like he's my Father. I love the term, Abba.  I love that I can talk to God any time, any where.
I remember when talking to Ben and Sarah when they were little, telling them that I talked to God in the shower.  They couldn't believe that I could do that.

They saw and heard that I prayed in the car. Every time an ambulance or fire truck went by, I'd pray for the ambulance crew, the patient and their family.
I'm guilty more often than not for not praying enough.
This is a picture from last week when it was still warm enough to be outside on the porch.  Phoebe and I kept each other warm! LOL
This is the pine tree I've had for several years.  It goes outside each summer and really grows out there.  Sweet Sarah Annie got me ornaments and stars to decorate it.  Phoebe was VERY interested in the whole things.  She tried tasting the greenery but was quickly told, "No!" I moved her and she gave me a noooooo, meow which always makes me laugh.
Here's my card for today's Clean and Simple challenge which was to make a winter birthday card.
This is a new stamp and die set from Newton's Nook. My favorite part is the dog and cat. Having a die for them makes it extra special.  The next one I make is going to say....thinking of you.
Verse of the Day: I am greeting today with a grateful heart. I have my needs taken care of. God has always taken care of all of us; Tim, me, Ben, Sarah, Brianna and Rachel.  Times like this with Tim being out of work at the end of the year only brings us closer and more dependent on God.
Image result for psalm 28:7 nlt
This is one of my favorite songs called, The Stand from Hillsong.  What could I say? What could I do? But offer this heart oh God to you.

Blessing of the Day: Spent time with Ben.
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