Saturday, December 3, 2016

And So It Begins

      Well, it's begun alright, cold season.  I came home yesterday from school with a sore throat, stuffy head, feel lousy feeling.  Early to bed for sure.  This is the scene Saturday evening in my craft room.  In spite of feeling lousy, I learned to crochet hats, so I've done three already.  They are the multi-colored things in front of the Halls cough drops.  I also have Cepacol throat lozenges in front of the hats. I have decorating things for my live, small pine tree that Sarah got for me.
I have to find the energy to put them on the little tree.  Thanks Sarah.
My sweetie, Tim is taking really good care of me.  He made dinner, soup and sandwiches for me.  He also made a Walgreens run. He got me the Cepacol, Halls and popcorn.  I like the Skinny Pop popcorn.  It's better for me than chocolate.  I've been napping today and will be ready soon to go to sleep for the night.

Sore throats are the worst. I don't like the earaches and congestion either.  Sleeping helps that all go away for a while and gives me the rest I need.

Here are two pictures of the cutie in our house.  She is sleeping on Tim's lap.  She is so funny, as soon as Tim gets up from the chair they are in, Phoebe races back to snuggle into the warm part of the chair.  If Tim tries to sit back down and lifts Phoebe, she meows a nooooooo that really sounds like no.  She doesn't like to be moved and lets him know about it.  She's so funny.
 Phoebe is Tim's 'dog'. She comes up in the morning and lays down at his side and meows when she hears his alarm.  She goes into the bathroom and sits in there while he showers and gets ready.  Then she goes downstairs to sit on his lap while he gets his quiet time and has coffee.  She's been sleeping at the bottom of our bed lately too.  She's so spoiled by him.

Verse of the Day: Romans 12:16
This picture says it all doesn't it?  Right now I have a good friend whose father is awaiting heart bypass surgery tomorrow morning.  Imagine the fear that family is feeling.  I just had dinner with her Wednesday then hear Friday that he needs surgery.  Please pray for Brenda's family and her father.  Pray for her medical team; those doing the surgery and those caring for him afterward.
Image result for romans 12:15
This song is for all of us who need an anchor.  This is for Brenda and her family.  God is our anchor. He gives us what we need, he is our hope, he is our strength when we are weak. I'm praying that all who read this will find what they need from God and learn to lean on Him no matter what.
This song is by Colton Dixon called Anchor.

Blessing of the Day: Tim's taken good care of me today getting me what I need.  Thank you God for bringing Tim and I together 23 years ago.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hopefully I'll have some stamping tomorrow.

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