Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The State We're In

I continue to wonder how we've gotten to this place in America. A place where disagreeing with someone means you hate them, where we don't have patience with others who are different, where asking for a recount when we're not happy with election results, where shooting police officers is like a sport, where shooting groups of people is rampant and God isn't allowed in schools or out in the open in our society.  When I saw this image I could relate all too well to it.  We've stripped God from "The World" and wonder why we're going to, "hell in a handbasket."
 Tim and I are doing a Bible Study based on Romans 12. Tonight we discussed Romans 12:2. It basically comes down to not living OF this world.  We're lured by what we see, pleasures and riches, and our position in life.
We were all to take a look at our life and see where we are being lured.  We were challenged by the speaker doing the video to be without television for 2 days.  Then to be without electronics for 48 hours. That means computer, phone, ipad.  Anything that plugs in is off limits.  This should be interesting.

I thought about time spent on FB and first thought I'd stop it all together. I decided against that since I keep in touch with family.  So I un-followed lots of people on FB except a professional group, and my family.  I'm hoping that this will enable me to concentrate more on things I should be doing rather than being at the computer.
I'm praying that I can continue to cut down on wasted time to be available to what God wants me to do.
This is a gorgeous picture of Cleveland during the huge moon phase a couple of weeks ago.
 This photo was shared by a teacher at Scribes and Scribblers in Middleburg Hts.  Sarah went to this school for pre-school so we saw the halls decorated like this when the Christmas season arrived.  This brought back lots of memories for me.  Sarah didn't remember it at all.
 Praying for the Ohio State campus after the shootings yesterday.  Thankfully help was only a minute away.
 This is the card I made today using the colors, real red, wasabi, vanilla and sparkle on our card.

Verse of the Day: God wants us to have so much more from Him than we have now.  We have to let go of the 'things of the world' to have the things God wants us to have. These things are far better than the things of the world.
Image result for Psalm 16:11

Here is a new favorite Christmas song by Danny Gokey called, Lift Up Your Eyes.  Give it a listen and follow the words.

Blessing of the Day: I got some things done around here that needed to be done.  Going to Bible Study with Chuck and Maryanne really makes my day as well.

Thank you for stopping by.

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