Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Craig Christmas Number 1

Yesterday was out First Craig Christmas.  There will be two since, my niece and nephew couldn't be in town for the first one.  Our kids can't make the second one, so it all evens out I guess.  We always take several pictures of our large group of people.  We take serious ones, then go for the goofy ones too.
I wish we could have video of these picture shoots.  It is so funny to hear everyone saying so many different, funny things.  We try to group in families. Tim's sister is in the red sweater, and her kids are below and above her. Her husband is in the glasses and striped shirt.  I'm giving rabbit ears to her daughter.
Next to Tim's sister is our sister-in-law, Sheila and behind her is her husband, Rick.  Next is my crazy family. Ben is next to me with Rachel on his head and Brianna behind Rachel. Sarah is behind me and Tim's behind her. The three on the end are Tim's sister Nancy, her son Chris and her husband, Bill.  Grandpa is sitting in the chair.
This is where Tim and I are right now.  We are trusting the Lord to put Tim in a new job, in His time.  Tim has begun to relax a bit more.  Little by little I'm getting my hubby back.
 This is the beginning of winter.  The days will begin to get longer! Every day is one step closer to being out on the back porch.
 This is a birthday card for Sarah. Her birthday is Dec. 30th.
 Verse of the Day:
Image result for Micah 5:2
This is a song that is from when I grew up. I remember when my kids had front teeth missing and I'd sing this song, they'd look at me like I was crazy.
Blessing of the Day: I had a migraine headache this morning and after I slept for a few hours, it went away.
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