Thursday, December 22, 2016

Missing Him

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more I think about my Dad.  I don't idolize him and he wasn't the perfect dad, but I miss him.  As I graduated from college and lived on my own, Dad and I spent time together making that transition from daughter/father to friend/friend.

This was a beautiful time in my life.  To have my dad talk to me and share things was amazing.  I learned many things about the past and present from Dad.
We never saw disagreements, but they had them.  Mom and Dad would sit outside on the front steps and have coffee each night it was nice.  That was their time to talk and share with each other.
Dad went to bed earlier than mom so he could be up and out the door by 6 a.m.  Mom made sure kids got to bed.

I know my kids and I have enjoyed our time making this transition. Tim and I are not part of any drama and we're not the 'enemy' for making unfavorable decisions.  It's a wonderful time in our lives.
 Lots of relatives are gone. Lots have joined the family. Things constantly change. That's how life is. It's at the holidays we miss our loved ones most.  Empty chairs at the table, until a new member joins the family. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to have met and experienced life with these family members and friends.
 This is my birthday card for Sarah Annie.  Her birthday is in a week.

Tomorrow we're getting together with the kids for dinner, looking at the lights and a Christmas video tradition.

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