Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Family Traditions

Do you have holiday family traditions?  We do and this is one of them.  Each year since the kids were very little, we've visited Bedford Square and walked through the area filled with lots of colorful lights.  
This is near where Tim's dad lives so when we'd visit his parents, we'd stop and walk through the area.  I still love the colors, music and feeling of love I feel walking here.  I'm going to have to look for pictures of years ago to see what I can find.
Imagine being a small child and walking through all of this color and wonderment.
This reminds me of the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, in Bedford Falls.
 The one issue we had last night was ice.  There was ice all over. The walks were icy, the grass was icy and so were the steps to the gazebo where we usually take our family picture.  It was dangerous to try to walk around here tonight.  I was so sad.
 One of the traditional places for a photo is Santa and his sleigh. The kids flock around Rudolph and we click the picture.  Here's Sarah with Rudolph's nose.  This is truly Sarah.....LOL.
 If you look closely at Santa, you don't see a hat on his head. You see what looks like a man bun.  Sarah and I stopped and laughed at this because this display is so old, man buns weren't around back then!  Santa's hat is back where you see red, but it still looks like a man bun.
 The silly family is standing next to a huge, lighted snowman.  I told them it looked like a movie still.  So funny that they all are doing the same thing.  There are even streaks of light coming down.
 This is blurry, but Sarah had gloves on and couldn't press the button without wiggling the camera.  When I see pictures like this, I realize how short I really am compared to Tim.
 Here's a keeper for sure. I am going to have this printed and put into a frame.  Good times with grown kids.
Here's the Family Tradition Movie we watched last night. You can watch it too.
What's fun about this movie is that the kids know all the lines. So they often are saying the lines together with the movie. It brings lots of laughter because of how differently they say the lines. This filled me with such joy as I watched the movie and the kids have a great time! This is something that I'll cherish. To be able to watch and listen to the kids being silly together.
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Blessing of the day: Being with the kids and Tim for Christmas Family Traditions.

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