Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thunder and Lightning Tonight

So weird to hear thunder and see lightning tonight.  It was a front moving through and didn't last long, but was strange to experience so late in December.
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A bit of my past.  Here's a picture of a barn from my past.  This is the Manning Family Farm.  We knew this family through my mom and grandmother.  The family was down to earth and worked hard.  They have 5 stores now that see all sorts of things.
 Here is another picture of the farm.  The Mannings sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, eggnog, cheese, milk and anything else you can think of that is made from milk.  Imagine as a kid walking into a huge barn smelling of 'cow', 'hay' and feeling so warm.  These animals were huge. They were machine milked, but when we visited the barn cats would be squirted with fresh, warm milk right from the cow!  That was something we'd talk about for weeks!

We were city folk so the idea of barn cats had no meaning other than they lived in the barn and could be picked up and petted like a pet cat.  To our dismay, these cats weren't willing to be held. We were told they were working cats not pets.
 I so need God every day!  I see what happens to me when I don't read my Bible daily.
 This is my sister's bed.  She has 274 blocks made by knitting. This will make about 6 blankets for the homeless.
 I just loved this cutie pie so I had to share with you.
 This is the lantern card I made for Monday's technique challenge. It was so easy. I'm going to have to try this again sometime soon.
Verse of the Day:
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Blessing of the Day: Time with Tim. He seems to be getting more mellow each day.

Thanks for stopping by. Please continue to pray for us, that Tim will follow God's will for his next step in life.


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