Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year to all my family and friends.

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Unknown said...

wishing you and your lovely family a blessed and healthy new year!
for some reason i haven't received the last couple of posts, just seeing them now when i opened your blog. i did receive your happy new year wishes (but got it today the 2nd). Darling pictures of your family. Thank you for sharing!

i was thinking of your husband, and i think you said the end of his job was right before Christmas (avoiding holiday pays!). Anyway, i do not know his skill or desires but i thought i would pass this along. I used to work at Cleveland State University. i really enjoyed being on campus with such energy and opportunities. we get free college classes as well. anyway, here's the link for current employment. if he has his PhD, he can check out faculty positions, but most of us look in the staff/classified positions. here's the link......

or go to and look for employment opportunities.
if he does decide to apply, he really needs to be careful to list all that is specified in the posting. minimum requirement need to be there and as many preferred as possible. if it isn't clear the min isn't met, they will not consider his application further. they then review preferred qualifications and rank the applications that way. if you all know of anyone working on campus, especially in the hiring department, talking to them may help.
also, we are fortunate to have several university/colleges here in CLE...CCC, BW, Akron (in Lakewood), LCCC, etc. They are also state institutions, so although the pay isn't great, the benefits are nice.

may God bless you, your husband, and your lovely family.
Happy New Year!
mary ....just realized im on my husbands computer so his identity will probably show!