Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tulips, Peeps, You Are Loved

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted something.  This past week was long.  I helped with testing of first and second graders. The school where I volunteer, had state testing this week. Then Grade 2-6 had IQ testing.  I was there each day 8-10:30, then I met my sister, Patty at the nursing home to visit with Mom and gather information about her progress from the therapists.  It made for long days.
Patty stayed until Thursday.  It was nice to catch up with her, but it was emotionally hard to see how siblings reacted in a conference call we had this week.  God calls us to reserve judgement for Him.  I am trying to do that so I don't overload myself with negative feelings.

God lets things happen for a reason. He's growing His children in our family. He's showing us to look to Him not the world. He is our strength, our protector, our Redeemer, our Strength. He is the one who loves us more than anyone else.  I'm learning to lean more on God through all of this tension with siblings about Mom's care.

I actually told Patty that I was laying the balm of Christ on her so she would feel His peace!  The words came from the Holy Spirit for sure.  It was one of those moments where I thought, "Who said that?!" LOL

So, I know I am loved by the only one who truly matters! I hope you feel His love as well.
Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers.  I saw some very creative vase designs on FB. It gives me ideas for gifts.

 I saw this and thought of my Sarah. She loves Peeps. She especially loves them rock hard.  Her brother and Dad can't stand them and let her know each time she has them.  Fun, Family Stuff.
 My twin sister, Anne posted this and I love it.  Even if you are not my sister this is being posted for all women who read this. Many times we don't hear these encouraging words. We all need to be encouraged and hugged.  Here are your encouraging words and hug. Bless you for who you are.

 These words came at the best time, as usual.  Today I actually took a nap that went from 5:30-11:00.  I was exhausted from the week and got up early to stamp with Jane. I am ready to go back to sleep now too. Thank you God for giving me the rest I needed to continue my work for you.
 This is the card I made using Stampin' Up's new Easter set, called, Easter Message.
 This is the card that I designed for Jane to make today.
This is the card Jane had for me to make.  Isn't it gorgeous? 

This is a new song for me called, The Day That I Found God by Switchfoot.  Give it a listen.

Blessing of the Day:I got to stamp with Jane. I got to rest and recharge. I got to visit Mom and she was doing well. Thank you for all of your prayers.

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