Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hot Days Ahead!

Tim worked hard today to get the finishing touches done on the pool. He washed the carpeting, the box that holds all the toys and floating things. He put the ladder in and blew up rafts. We have a turtle that cleans the pool. It gets hooked up to the out flow and it travels around the pool kicking up dirt and leaves which get caught in a bag which drags behind the turtle.  We've had this guy for years and years. This is our second one.  We can leave it running all night and have clear water by morning. We still vacuum but not as often.

Today it was a bit hot and humid but tomorrow begins the 90 degree temps! Finally! Great pool weather and we're just in time to enjoy it.
Polaris 65 Turbo Turtle Aboveground Pressure Cleaner 6-130-00T
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I chuckled when I saw this and just had to share.

Tim found that we had our own nest of Robins. They were inside the pool storage area where the pump and heater are.  There were three little robins!  This is the first time we've had a nest in our yard that we saw.  Mama didn't like Tim coming and going while working on the pool. She called her little ones to the woods.  They can't fly yet, so they were hopping  to  the woods to meet her.

I love true friends like this. A friend who you can pick up with no matter how long it's been since you've seen each other.

This is my card for today's inspiration challenge.  The small card is the inspiration I used for my card.

While Tim was out working on the pool this little toad was sunning himself on the latch for the doors to the area where the heater and pool filter are.  Seems like today was a critter kind of day.

Verse of the Day: Galatians 5:6  Our calling is to show God through our faith, actions and words.  How are you doing with this?  It's hard for me especially towards those that are mean spirited, angry or not sorry.  I ask for help with this and guess what? God sends more of them to me! LOL  Of course He would....He's answering my prayers!
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Check out this Christian Artist named Jasmine Murray.  See if you want to be fearless like her.

Blessing of the Day: I got a lot of cleaning and organizing done. I got a nap on the back porch. I spent time with Tim. I got to make cards for others.

Thank you for stopping by.

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