Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Simple Woman's Daybook Thursday, June 22, 2017


 For Today June 21, 2017

Looking out my window it is cloudy and hot and humid.

I am thinking I should enjoy the pool before it rains.

I am thankful that God is right beside me calming me with all the things that I'm dealing with right now.

One of my favorite things is spending time alone with Ben or Sarah. Today Sarah and I spent time together celebrating her graduation from a 2-year college.

I am creating cards to be sent to the South Carolina Juvenile Justice System.

I am wearing pj's. Might be a PJ day!

I am listening to Christian music. It helps so I can find songs for my posts. I can also hear the ice cream truck slowing going down the street.

I am hoping that Ben and Sarah work things out between them.

I am learning that I have to 'let go' and 'let God'.

In my kitchen I haven't felt like cooking lately.

In my garden the tomatoes and strawberries are growing well in their protected cage made to keep the deer away from them.

A moment from my day-Chloe climbed in my Stampin' Up wastebasket and made it hers.

Today's challenge was to go to the beach.

Verse of the Day: I know this is well-known but it's a good reminder who gets the glory. There's nothing we can do on our own. Nothing.
Image result for Ephesians 3:16-19

I Will is sung by Citizen Way. Just listen to the lyrics. God shows how much He truly loves us. He loves all of us.

Blessing of the Day: We had our phone conference with the lawyer this morning.
Please continue to pray for Tim as he still doesn't have a job. It is very hard for him.


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