Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Impromptu Date With Tim

Here are three more dragon cards from the stamps Jan let me use Saturday.  I've had fun putting these cards together after I colored them with Copic Markers.

 This is my card for today's sketch challenge.
Well today Tim worked so hard to take the old shower doors off and cut off the silicone which was on very thick.  He was going to add clear silicone on the new doors and frame but found they'd been marked wrong. The stuff was white not clear.
He had to go to the "Man" store. I offered to drive him since he looked so tired from all the work he'd done today.
We got in and out  quickly from the "Man Store."
Tim wanted to go to The Pine Cone, an ice cream shop in Maria Gardens in North Royalton.  So we had an ice cream treat.  Then, in am impromptu decision, we decided to go to the baseball fields in North Royalton to see kids play ball.

It was fun to see the different ages of kids playing. We passed by the peewee field where everyone starts.
We saw coach pitch, then moved on to see kid pitch where the form in pitching is not developed, but it's fun to watch.
We saw older kids playing as well.  It didn't matter that we didn't know anybody. We truly loved the memories we made at the fields here with Ben and Sarah.
 fail baseball kids joke GIF 

Ben was in travel baseball from 8 years old to 13. Sarah was in rec ball from 6-9. She was an amazing pitcher but didn't want to continue with softball once there was a wind up to pitch.  I wish she would have stayed in the game. She was a great pitcher.

So in spite of the humidity, Tim and I had a date at the ice cream place then to the ball fields where we spent many hours of fun on the fields with the kids and their friends.

Verse of the Day:Matthew 7:5
Image result for matthew 7:3-5

Here's a new song to me called, Open the Clouds by Unspoken.  It's a hand-clapper, dance maker song. Have fun with it.

Blessing of the Day: Tim has the new shower almost ready to use.  Tim and I had a date.

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Lisa Lara said...

Love your dragon cards and your flower beauty! Sounds like a fun date, cute video.