Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chloe To The Rescue

This morning I found sweet Chloe again sleeping next to my knees. When I got back after going to the bathroom and snuggled in to go back to sleep, I felt something buzzing in the sheets. Next thing I know I've been stung.  I opened the sheets to see what it was and found nothing, but my wrist swelling a bit from a sting. It hurt as well.
Chloe began to lick my arm right where I'd been stung. There's no way she could have known where I got stung. What  sweet kitty she is.
Chloe got down and looked under my night  stand. Next thing I see is her trying to get the yellow jacket that is now at the front of the night stand. I grabbed it with a tissue and flushed it away.
Thank you sweet Chloe for taking such great care of me.

Today Tim and I spent several hours looking at houses in our area. We want to see what's out there for the different prices. So far it's been very educational. We found we are very happy where we live. We are not interested in a fixer-upper.  People sometimes don't care about their property. Would you try to sell your house with all sorts of garbage from INSIDE of your house sitting OUTSIDE? Would you leave thistles and all sorts of weeds in the flower beds out front?  Would you leave stuff in the back porch that shouldn't be in there in the first place?

We saw clutter every where in one of the houses, making it less appealing than ever. It made the small kitchen, even smaller with all the stuff in it.
How about a glass block half-wall as you enter the front door?  Not sure what it's purpose was, but it looked silly.  Some of the family rooms didn't have enough light to read and it was day time. Some of the bathrooms in the basement we couldn't imagine touching let alone using! YUCK!!

We came home happy that we live where we do. Thank you God for what you've given us.

Verse of  the Day: We don't need to broadcast what we do for the Lord in giving. We also don't need to let everyone know all we do for others. God sees and knows what we do and that it is from the heart. He knows who we are and why we do what we do.
It's like those who work behind the scenes in a play or production. They are content to help and not be recognized or seen by the audience.  We too should be like that. We try to make a difference in other's lives because God lives in ours.
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Listen to the lyrics to this Steven Curtis Chapman song. It's called, King of Love.

Blessings of the Day: Tim and I got to spend some time together today. He's been working at Ben and Rachel's most of the week.

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