Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pray For Texas

It is so wonderful to see this country come together in times of need like we have in Texas.
What is going on in Texas is unbelievable. We've never seen such a catastrophic storm. What is heart -warming though is all of the people coming together to help. I saw a video of vehicles lined up on the road pulling boats. People were bringing boats to help rescue others. People are bringing food and water as well. 

Did you see that Anheuser -Busch stopped production of beer to produce canned water for hurricane Harvey victims? Read about it here.

This was part of the color challenge on SCS. I just got this new stamp set by Gerda Steiner Designs called All Cats and Hoppiness.  Aren't they cute stamps?
This  card is for a friend who is a teacher. This time of year is difficult so I thought I'd send something to make her smile. Inside this it says, Stay Pawsitive!

This card was made for the color challenge as well. We had two different sets of colors.  I love the Tranquil Tulips set which is a hostess set in the annual catalog.

This card is for today's sketch challenge. I'm playing with the new stamps again from Gerda Steiner Designs.

Verse of the Day: This is what is going on in Texas with those that are trying to help. 
Image result for 1 Peter 3:8

Point to you by We Are Messengers

Blessing of the Day: The bee man came to see if he could find where the yellow jackets are coming into the house. He found them and only got stung once.  He didn't bring his bee suit, but said he'll be back Thursday and will bring it for sure!
I just shook my head when he walked in, removed his shoes and went into the attic with his container of bug spray.
He did find where they are coming in outside. There is a small space where the shingles weren't butted up against the roof correctly. The little buggers are getting in there. He sprayed inside and outside and will be back to make sure they are gone. Then he'll seal up the area on the roof where they are coming in.  He's also a roofer! Who knew?  Thanks God for sending someone who knows roofs and bees!

We figured out why Chloe licked my sting area. She was hobbling around a few days and licking her right, front paw. She must have been stung while trying to  swat at a yellow jacket. So when she smelled that venom from the bee on me, she licked it to make it feel better.  Animals are so smart sometimes.

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