Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day 2018

Happy Valentine's Day 2018! Here's the mug Sarah got for me. I just love it. It is divided into two sides because of the heart cut out. It's interesting to stir creamer in to the coffee. You stir one side then the other. LOL

If No One Told You This Today. (click on this link.)

Today I received my Stampin' Up 30th year pin. Stampin' Up is 30 years old this year so they are celebrating by giving each demonstrator a beautiful pin. They did this for the 20th, 25th and 30th years. They may have done is before this, but I wasn't a demonstrator then.

Today is was nice outside. We opened the patio door and went out on the back porch. I brought some snow in but neither cat wanted to go near it. 
 We have an antique rocking chair that has an exquisite caned pattern on it. The chair seat has dried out and cracked. I ordered new caning to replace the seat with a basic seat pattern You notice the kit is about 10x12 inches.
This is the box from Amazon, which my caning kit was shipped in! Seriously?! I asked Tim what he ordered and he said the caning supplies. Maybe this was the closest box for shipping? Maybe they were out of the smaller ones? I'm sure there was a good reason. Just sayin'.

 Here's a card I made using my new Gerda Steiner Designs stamps. I just fell in love with this set when I saw it. Gerda Steiner has an amazing cute line of stamps. I've always loved, cute.
 I just got this set from Gerda Steiner as well. This was for the featured stamper challenge. Here's my inspiration then my card. The idea is to make the card your own while leaving some of the original design. I used a different set of stamps and found it was fun to mask the boy and stamp the other animals on each side of him.

This darling image was on the back of the shipping envelope from Gerda Steiner. Wouldn't this make a darling stamp to stamp of the back of envelopes you send to people? I asked her if they would ever consider putting this sentiment on a stamp set with the Hippo. 

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 23:4-5
Have you ever noticed that when you want something there is excitement in ordering waiting and having it delivered? You're excited and happy for a few days or weeks, then you are on to the next thing you want?
I told one my friends who orders stamps and supplies the doesn't use them that it seems her only excitement and happiness come in the wanting and waiting. She totally agrees with me.
The 'stuff'' is nice, but doesn't satisfy us for very long.
Serving God and following His path for your life will satisfy.
Some people work and work while abandoning family and friends. The goal is to get more money for their family so they can buy new stuff or have the latest things. In the blink of an eye is all disappears and we don't know when that will be. We need to invest in people not things.

How are you investing in people? What are you investing your time in?  As Christians we need to walk our walk demonstrating a life that shows people that we're Christ centered. The fruit of the spirit should be very evident in our life when we are one of God's people.
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I was listening to 70's music tonight and wondered what Christian songs were playing back then. This is one of my favorite older songs called, Thank You, by Ray Boltz.
It reminds us that when we walk the path Jesus has for us, it will have a ripple effect on others all around us. We may never know that we touched a life by our words or actions. That's not why we do things the way we do them. It is not for our own glory, but for God's. We need to be content to be in the background winning hearts for the Lord.

For my three girls...........
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Blessing of the Day: Having time with Sarah to hear all about her trip to New York City.
Seeing Ben and spending time with him catching up on how things are going.

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