Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mother's Day 2018 A Little Late

Happy Mother's Day 2018

Listen to this beautiful song. I cry when I hear it and see the beautiful pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to you Mom! You are loved more than you know.

This is a picture of a long-standing tradition where Tim and the kids get flowers for the garden for me for Mother's Day. They plant them after I've picked them out.
Sadly this year we couldn't do that since we are selling our house. Perhaps it will begin again in our next home. So many wonderful memories of Mother's Day's gone by.  Thank You Tim and Ben and Sarah for such warm, memories of love shown.

I've told my kids that the greatest gift they can give me is their love and a visit. I love spending time with them. I know that they have busy lives, but take any time they can give me. It's amazing how things change and Tim and I now become the parents who love when their kids visit.  I know what my mom felt all of those years when we visited her.

I was on such a high today after Sarah and Brianna left. I had seen all of my kids today. Ben and Rachel took Tim and I out for breakfast.
Then Sarah and Brianna stopped by after work in the evening.  I feel so blessed that this song really shows my mood.

Blessing of the day: Visits from all the kids!  Tim made me angel hair pasta with cheese sauce. I love that stuff!

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