Sunday, January 25, 2009

Awesome God

I can't tell you what a time I've had lately trying to get back into a good routine. It's hard to get enough sleep, exercise, eat right and do what I need to do for work and home etc. I've been praying and getting better at daily quiet time and reading my Bible, but somehow I get pulled down time and time again.
This morning in our service it was such that I gave it all to the Lord and I really felt that it was gone and that I could start anew, washed clean ya know? Anyway, I'm taking baby steps to get back on track and not beating myself up if I falter. When I look at my sunflowers I think of how bright and sunny they are and they make me feel so happy. I also think of the one who made them and smile because I know I'm His and will be His forever!! Nothing the enemy can do will ever change that! Woohoo talk about a high!
Thanks for visiting today. I hope to get some stamping done.
Hugs and blessings to you and yours.

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Pattyjo said...

You sing it Sue! I know the high you speak of. God is so good to accept me and forgive me. If it wasn't for Him I would not be fit for heaven. Its because of the sacrifice Jesus paid for me.
Woops..Got carried away when I read your blog started it. LOL