Saturday, January 24, 2009

So Late in Doing This..........

FOR TODAY (January 24, 2009)...

Outside my window...There is soft snow swirling to the ground from the heavens. It's so peaceful until snow blowers begin to shift the snow to lawns.

I am thinking...that I should get some of the work done that I brought home, but I'd rather stamp or do most other things but work. :-)

I am thankful for...a warm home and family who loves me. I'm thankful that God has brought us together and made this all possible.

From the learning rooms...It's report card time and it's so busy with grades, education plans and progress reports. In a week or so we'll have parent conferences as well.

From the is still now after a busy time of making popcorn in order to watch an old TV series with dad called, Lost in Space.

I am comfy jeans and slippers.

I am creating...paper crafted items that I found this week online at Splitcoast It's an amazing place to visit and be in awe of all the amazing talent God has placed around the world!

I am read a bit more tonight and get ready for Church in the morning.

I am reading...The Candle by Paul Evans. It's interesting and sad to think how many children aren't treated well by their parents.

I am hoping...that I can get more stamping done, see my friends new baby at church, and that I can get my work done tomorrow as painlessly as possible. I am also hoping to do some shopping tomorrow.

I am by Shawn McDonald........what pleasant and peaceful Christian music to listen to.

Around the house...all is quiet now that children are in bed. The cat comes in now and then meowing to announce that it is time for bed so she can snuggle with someone.

One of my favorite curling up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee in front of the fireplace.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I will be going to orientation for my son, Wednesday. It doesn't seem possible that it's that time in his life yet! Yikes, where did the time go!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

When was the last time you put together a puzzle with your kids or loved ones? We hadn't done one together in a very long time. Last weekend I pulled out one and the kids and I went to work putting this together. My son was a master at finding pieces. We spent probably 8 hours or more putting this together. Ben did most of it. These are times they will remember happily. I have pleasant memories of snowy days putting puzzles together on a huge cutting board my mom had. What a wonderful time just sitting and talking and putting puzzles together. It didn't matter how hard the puzzle was, it was wonderful spending time with mom. Thanks for visiting.

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