Saturday, January 3, 2009

DH's Birthday!

My DH had a birthday today so I had to celebrate by showing his picture! This was a pictures I took last week while we visited my sister's house in Columbus. He was watching our kids open presents and seemed happy. I took the picture with a long lens on the camera, so he didn't know I was taking it. I love to get such nice candid pictures. Those of you into photography, know that it often takes many candid shots until you get a good one! LOL
We celebrated by going to a Mexican Restaurant in Hudson, about 40 minutes from here. The neat thing about his place is that it is where we had lunches early in our marriage when DH worked in Twinsburg. So our kids got to see and hear about some of our history during dinner.
We then drove to Bedford to see the square and Main St. all lit up. We've done this for years and years with the kids. Last year it was so cold, we never got there. The kids and I were disappointed last year that we didn't get to go. This year when we went, it was still a bit light out so it wasn't the same to look at the lights. Oh well, at least we made it there. It was very cold too. We went because it was near the restaurant we were at.
DH appreciated all of the things we did for him, especially the presents and his treat. He asked for butter pecan ice cream with hot fudge sauce!
After presents and ice cream we settled in to watch a video together as a family. It was a nice family time.
I hope your family members feel special on their birthday. I thanked God for DH yesterday, which is something I all too often take for granted.
Blessings to you and yours during the new year.

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