Monday, January 19, 2009

Wahoo One More Day Off!

Well, today is our final day off in a long, long weekend. :-) Can't believe we got Thursday and Friday off plus a long weekend! I have had fun stamping, and organizing my stamping area and stamp sets. I haven't been brave enough to count my sets, and won't cuz who needs to know? If I put it in writing then I'll know and DH will know and he'll start asking how anyone could possibly have that many sets and wonder how I could need or want more! Plus I've taken some of my sets and organized them by category such as baby, birthday, love, flowers..........boy do I have tons of flowers! LOL
This is the set of cards I made for the two boxes I posted already. Haiku paper was used along with pocket silhouettes from SU. These are 4x4 cards for the boxes. I didn't want to make envys so I hope the recipients are happy with little cards with no envys. I decided I needed to use the paper I have before I buy more.........AAAHHHHH, do you know how much SU paper I have? I might not be able to buy paper for a long while...........or I'll just have to use this paper with every project I make.

This is my third box for the TLC203 challenge. I had to use my favorite paper so far in this new catalog, Raspberry Tart. I made the box according to Stampin' Sharon's directions where you use two 4" coasters and cover them with the double sided desiger paper. The large heart is dry embossed and colored with ink using a dauber and q-tip. Joy was stamped and 2 corners were rounded. The other two corners were folded in to reveal the other side of the paper. I added a pearl from the pretties kit.

The inside was stamped then added to a top note piece of paper. I love the pieces in the bottom of the box. I turned two of the flaps up so you could see the back side.

Here's our beautiful cat Sam. He has had health issues to the point we thought we'd lose him Wednesday evening. His red blood count was down to nothing.........He's a miracle kitty to be sure. He has gone from just drinking water and needing to be carried to the litter box and food and water bowls to running up the steps from the basement to the second floor to my son's bedroom. There we fed him some canned food and some Catsure. We never thought he'd have that kind of energy and eat with that much interest. We're praising God that Sam's feeling better. We're going to find out this evening what blood results are that were taken this morning.

It's a sunny day and nice to be outside for a bit. Drove DD to a friend's house and had some errands to run. DS came with me and we got the cat squared away and other errands. Now it's time to sit back, relax, eat and stamp! My friend is coming over to do just that later today.
Bless you for stopping by.
Have a great MLK day!

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