Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Did the Week Go?

Oh my can you tell this is the week that I have to work on report cards, progress reports for Individualized Education Plans, and write an Education plan? Yikes!!! It's been a crazy week. We were off Thursday and Friday due to snow and extreme cold temps. So that really made for an interesting time for planning lessons for this week. This was a three-day week for students too since Friday we have teacher in-service and report cards to work on. Oh the life of a teacher at this time.
We also have to schedule parent/teacher conferences for February which is lots of fun when you have to involve many people who will participate in the conferences because of all of the services students receive.
Anyway, I had fun last night showing my upline how to make these cute origami boxes. I think this one will go to my boss.........she is one in a million. She has made coming to work the last year and a half, such a wonderful thing! One person truly can make a difference. That's why I stamped this saying on the top. It's hard to read though. I sure love the Marth Stewart branch punch. It makes such a soft cut out for cards. The BEST part is I found it at Walmart!

Next week we'll be going to orientation for my DS who will be going into high school. Yikes, where did that time go? Some days though I truly feel old!
Both kids are having fun in the snow and wearing themselves out like they used to as younger kids you pulled on a sled. :-)
Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by. Snuggle up with something warm.

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