Monday, February 9, 2009

What Do You Get.......

...when you combine vaseline, vitamin e cream and baby lotion?
You get the BEST body lotion you've ever used! No kidding, I made some of this over the weekend and have been using it and I'm telling you my skin is so smooth and soft. I'm telling you that right now in Ohio it's finally warming up, but it's been so cold and snowy that we've had a hard time keeping our skin moist enough. It's been so dry that you are constantly scratching everywhere! LOL
Anyway, here are containers I decorated after putting the lotion into the containers. I'll be giving them to people for Valentine's Day. See what you think. :-)

This is the front of a bottle I decorated after filling with Denise's Lotion Recipe.
It is an easy recipe but harder to get into the bottle than it was to make! LOL
I used SU rub-ons to make this for my upline for Valentine's Day. This is the back on which I put a rub on to write on.

This is the front of a jar I decorated after filling.
It's actually the petroleum jelly jar that I filled with the lotion I made, then decorated. The lid has adhesive ribbon around it which I stamped on before attaching it to the jar lid. The jar has pink rose paper which was stamped on then I added a few heart cut out from my cuttlebug die.

This is a jar from vitamin e cream that I filled. I covered the jar with pink rose paper then decorated that with my cuttlebug hearts. I stamped the paper, the adhesive white paper and the lilac paper before attaching to the jar. The recipe for the lotion is found here at post #11. otion+Recipe

Well, gotta get kids and myself off to school so I'll check in later. Thanks for visiting my place this morning.


Rebecca said...

These are really cool! Thanks for sharing! Great use for the rub-ons and I'll try your secret recipe for lotion!

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh these are wonderful, Sue!! What a perfect gift right now considering what this long winter has done to everyone's skin!