Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where Does Time Go?

I'm wondering where time goes and why it goes so much faster now that I am an adult? Doesn't it seem like you turn around and your birthday is upon you again, and it's time to shop for Christmas again, and you look at you blog and haven't posted in a week, AGAIN! LOL
I have been busy putting together items in baskets that will be raffled off at our Family Fitness Night which will raise money for the American Heart Association. We were supposed to have this in January,but got snowed out. It is now the 19th of Feb. that it is scheduled. The hardest part of this whole thing is keeping it healthy! What's the first thing you think of when you make a small item to give to someone? Chocolate right? Well, that didn't seem healthy to me so I've been doing things like tea bags, popcorn, drink mixes without sugar and hot chocolate. Here is a sampling of the baskets I've put together for the raffle. They still have to be packaged with plastic and ribbon. Let me know what you think.

This is an envelope that is the size you'd put wedding announcements in, it's a little bigger so A-2 cards will fit inside easily. I sealed the envelope then cut off a small portion at the top. Then I used my retired hearts wheel with pixie pink ink over the envelope. Next I crimped the bottom part of the envelope to make it a bit smaller than the top. Then I decorated the envelope. The purple hearts were decorated using a reverse mask(or the cut out of a heart shape. I ran the heart wheel over the cut out and the heart shape was formed using the heart wheel. Cool idea huh? It wasn't mine....LOL Next I used the small and large tag punches and attached them with dimensionals. The tags also have an eyelet and silver cord. I kept the envelope closed with ribbon that is held on the card by the two hearts. The ribbon is untied and the top piece slides off to reveal the cards and envelopes.

This is a fry box purchased from Hollo's in Brunswick, OH which I ran the retired heart wheel over then decorated with a heart and a ribbon.

These are cute gift card holders that will be filled with a gift card and given away at our Family Fitness Night.

This is a box made totally from designer paper found here:
It is filled with tea and sugarfree drink mixes. It will be donated to our raffle for the American Heart Association at our Family Fitness Night.

This is a box I got and filled with cards, a calendar and other small items which will be raffled off at our Family Night which is a fund raiser for the American Heart Association.

Bless you for stopping by. Please pray that our Family Fitness Night is a success. Pray that many lives will be affected by what we are trying to do.
We finally got some balmy temps. here in Ohio! 47 and the snow is melting! Woohoo, I saw green for the first time in a month!

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