Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Saturday Project

Here's my Saturday project which took most of Saturday to put together. DH and I put it together with only a few minor problems. He calls me BOSS now since I have a boss's desk.
I'm wondering what you think? I purposely got an L desk so I could use the computer and have plenty of room to spread out my lesson plans and graded papers.
I have been working on two tables put into an L and my grandfather's old desk. We started saving after the kids got their desks to complete their rooms in the summer. Feels like home already.
Time to get some rest.....something happens when you lose that one hour for daylight savings time. You wouldn't think an hour could make that much difference, but it does. It takes me a few weeks to adjust.
Bless you for stopping by.

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Pattyjo said...

I think your office is gorgeous! You will be giving all your students extra special grades now. How can you give someone a failing grade in an office like that. Just being in this beautiful office will make you happy.