Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will the Influenza Virus Ever Leave Our House?

Oh my, it's amazing how badly Ben feels today with this nasty influenza virus! I can see why people used to die from this illness years and years ago. It has Ben sleeping a lot and feeling sick and tired and tired and sick. Poor guy it's hard to sleep with the coughing and soreness he feels.
Wish I could take it all away.
I am slowly getting some cards made. I signed up for the Technique Junkies membership to see what I can learn. Here's one of the things I learned.

This is another card I made with the smoosh resist technique from technique junkies. I stamped in artichoke then added the flowers with my 1/4" punch. I used the friend wheel for the yellow paper and used pumpkin.

I just love the sunflower background used on this card. I made another card from this background and am happier with it than this because you can see more of the flowers. I hope you and yours are healthy. We're working on that.....LOL
Bless you for stopping by to see how we're doing.

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