Friday, March 13, 2009

You'll Never Guess What Happened Today!

So, I'm minding my own business sitting in an assembly we're having to give us new information on bullying from the state. I'm told this anyway in a get me there.
I was awarded the Special Education Teacher of the Year award.
I had a family picture taken as well as the one with the PTA mom who nominated me and the Chapter PTA president and my boss.
Well my family was there too. They had an assembly to announce it and they gave me these beautiful balloons and roses. I cried I was so touched. I was in shock for most of the time though. There was a luncheon after it with pizza and cake. There will be an official dinner April 8th. What a wonderful surprise!!
Ya know what the bummer of the day was though? My family got the rest of the day off and I had to work! LOL Can you believe that? My son stayed with me and helped me teach in the afternoon. It was so nice.

Here are some more of the scrapbook pages I made for our Open House.

So I think I'm caught up here and now can go stamp some things that came Wednesday in a shipment that I haven't had time to play with. I've been playing with the Cricut trying to get all of these pages done.
Enjoy your week and each and every day God gives you.

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Pattyjo said...

It was a surprise. How cool is that. I would have loved to have seen you get that award! I bet your kids were so excited to see you get that. Now I know two people who have gotten the Teacher of the Year award. There is a guy I graduated from HS with, now you. I'm glad they recognize teachers that have made a difference.
Congratulations Sue! I am going to brag about you. My daughter already knows you and all about you. LOL