Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Love Flowers in My Garden!

Sorry this post has nothing to do with stamping. I took some pictures of the flowers in my garden. Although I love flowers I don't always remember their names. Here are some of the beauties in my garden.

This little yellow rose turns pink after it is yellow. I love yellow roses and thought that's what I was getting when I bought this little plant...Oh well, it's yellow first then turns pink. It reminds me of my grandmother who was 4'8" tall and as feisty as they come!

Here is my favorite picture of the orange poppy. I got these for Mother's Day this year for nostalgia's sake. My mom has these and there was always a huge clump of them growing at her house. I loved watching them grow and change. Then we'd take the pods and shake the seeds into envelopes for the next year.......what fun.

Here is Ben and Sarah's garden. The sad thing is a deer ate their sunflower plant....Sarah doesn't have the heart to pull out the plant. Ben wants to yank it out so they don't have that reminder of the deer.

Both kids are moving up a grade this Wednesday at church. It is so weird to think of Ben as a 9th grader and Sarah as a 7th grader. Wow, I wonder who there mom is? I don't feel that old ya know?
Take care and feel blessed for the little things in your life. I'm reminded each and every day that some of the things we think are important, just AREN'T.
Take care and thank you for visiting today.

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MyHappyPlace-Linda said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love
flowers to but its hard to grow
them in the desert! I really like
the picture of the orange poppy also. Take Care. Linda