Friday, May 22, 2009

What a Challenge Indeed!

This is my box with the directions taken from Stampin' Up's Demonstrator website. Their box is on the cover of our monthly magazine called, Stampin' Success. They post the directions online for us and usually they are easy to follow. This box was NOT easy to make but my upline and I kept working on it together. What a fun night that was...........we were each feeling a bit out of it so between the two of us we felt we had one brain!!! LOL
Anyway, we had to look at a template SU had produced which was at 75%. You were supposed to copy it and make it 100%. Well we looked at the template and tried to gauge the measurements from it and we at least got a finished product!
I usually have to make something once then I can alter it and change things to suit my needs. I think next time I'll make a cut out butterfly for the top note piece that will stick out from the card. I love the soft white ribbon too. It reminded me of the butterfly wings.
Inside this is a small box that can hold just about anything.

Our week is winding down. Today was an orthodontist visit to pick up Ben's retainers. Unfortunately the bottom retainer didn't fit very well so he had to get another impression made and we'll had to go back next's so busy at this time of year with school activities that I don't like all these doctor visits too.
Oh well these are the joys of being a mother, something I wanted more than anything else 15 years ago!
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