Monday, June 22, 2009

Can You Say BUSY DAY!!!?

It's been a really busy day today. I never thought it would be so crazy. I'm supposed to be on vacation! LOL.
I got up early and packed two boxes full of stuff for the Ronald McDonald House in WI, and for another gal who is having a fall stamping time for those in need. I also printed out the list of RAK's and Need a Lift cards I needed to send out and filled out those cards, then filled an envelope with cards and a small make it take it set of cards for a gal who is in the Peace Corps and had things stolen.
I got it all to the post office in record time then got to my appt at the hospital for my hip injection. I had an injection to help the pain I've been having. It seems to be working pretty well but I'm still having pain so I have to give it 2 days before I decide if I need to go back to the doctor.
Then I went up a floor in the hospital to visit my mom who had a full knee replacement. After that my DD and I went to the bank then to a friend's house. We picked her up and went to Hollo's for paper and envelopes then proceeded to Hobby Lobby in Medina. What a wonderful day. We stopped for lunch then dropped DS off at home. I went to my friend's house and we compared new catalogs and stamp sets we had and wanted to have! We do this so we don't buy anything that the other has unless we just HAVE to have a set in our collection! It saves us money so we tell ourselves!
I got home around 8 and had to put things away that I had didn't think I'd do all that shopping and not get anything did you?
I had to eat dinner with DS then get some laundry folded and finally crash with an ice pack in front of the tv. I had my coffee late so I ended up staying up way, way, way past my bedtime!
I feel good though at all I got done yesterday and hope the people I sent things to are blessed by them.
Thank you for visiting today.

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