Friday, June 26, 2009

Dr. Dr. Dr.---Feeling Old

Today was another day full of errands and another doctor appt. I saw the orthopedic doctor who took another x-ray but this while I was standing and she said no doubt about it, surgery is necessary. She said the cortizon shot didn't work, nor did the injection into my hip joint, nor did the medication, so the only thing left is a hip replacement. I meet that will happiness and a bit stressed. That will be good when it's over I'll be able to walk, exercise etc. I won't be able to start the school year and the rest of my summer will be spent recouperating. Oh it is now, everything I do I hurt, so this will give me an end to pain once the recovery and therapy is done. Please pray for me. I go to the surgeon July 8th, so I'll get more information then.

Last night after the storm we had a rainbow. The funny thing was that it was wedged in the thick clouds and didn't last very long.

Tim said the sunset was pretty so he went out front to get a few pics of it. What beauty God sends our way! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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