Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Evening Stamping

This is my attempt at the decoder card that was this week's Wednesday project in the Inkling, and it is for a three year old little one who had surgery here at Cleveland Clinic for a mass in her chest, and is now back home in Toledo. I used a retired SU set with treats in it. I added ribbon to each bag and painted on crystal effects to make it look more like plastic bags. The flower has a stem and leaves added. I attached it with a small paper clip. Next time I think I'll stamp off one to see if it makes a difference with the blue ink.

Today was a nice cool day. We got some rain, but it didn't last long. Just long enough for us to exit church and run to the van in pouring down rain!!
We visited my in-laws whom I get along with very well. I worry about them. They are at the point where they are bruising easily and my mil needs to monitor her diabetes more often and may be changing from type 2 to type 1. I'm praying she and the doctor can stablize her sugar.
My DS Ben is home from Tennessee. He spent a week there with his youth group going to group meetings and seminars to help him grow in his walk with the Lord. It sounds like they had lots of fun and lots of challenges. I'm thankful for the youth group and leaders we have at our church.
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