Monday, August 10, 2009

An Exhausting But Good Day

Today began early fortunately I got up at 8. At 8:20 the Occupational Therapist called and wanted to come out tomorrow to help me work on getting up the stairs to shower and getting around the kitchen. I told her I didn't think it was needed because I was in the kitchen rinsing off dishes I'd used to make muffins which were currently in the oven baking! I'd also been taking a shower daily since I'd been shown how to do the stairs and manage with the bars in the shower. I had to laugh.....I guess I don't need her services anymore!
At 8:40 the roofer rang the bell and knocked until we answered the door. He did that just to let us know he was going to go up on the roof to fix it. I sat around waiting for him to finish so I could pay him.....he left after he was done.
Up to shower and then to get dressed to go to the surgeon's office. DH took me and we found out that I can walk on my foot now with 100% weight so I will learn how to use the cane for walking not just stairs. I will go between the walker and the cane but begin to use the cane more often.
Next week I will start P.T. as an outpatient. So DH will be taking me to therapy two times a week after his work day.
I got home and wanted a nap but before I did, I finished my tri-fold pocket project for the SCS Technique lovers challenge today. Whew, was it a long one to do. Now that I've done one, I think it would be easier doing a second one.
Here are my different views of this project. I like how it turned out. I used cottage wall design paper from Stampin' Up. I also used the colors from that, orchid, razzleberry, and celery.
This is the front. I didn't fold it the way Lynn said to fold's supposed to be a tri-fold, but I made it a double fold.......oh well........medication might be the reason?

These are the cards that go into the pockets.

This is the inside with the pockets folded up.

This is the inside with the pockets folded down.

My Sarah Annie is having three friends over tonight. Such fun ya know? They ate pizza, swam, played volley ball, and are now downstairs giggling over girl talk. The still have a movie to watch, cake in a mug to make, smoothies and lots of girl fun. I love hearing the sounds of laughter in our house.
My DS Ben was the lifeguard for the girls in the pool. He's 14 and far better suited to sit out watching kids in the pool on this very humid day than I am. He was such a big help. He even went in for a few minutes to cool off. that's something I couldn't do at this point.
I visited another blog and heard the great music playing on it so I checked out the music and decided to add some to my site. What do you think?
Take care of yourself and remember to thank God for being with you today.
Bless you for stopping by.

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