Thursday, August 20, 2009

Razzleberry Wipers?

I just love this set called Greenhouse Garden and the paper I used called Razzleberry lemonade. I can't believe that I got this wiper card together on the same day that Beate put the video online. This is totally made with the new in-colors.

Here's my card after following Beate's wonderfu tutorials......nice videos too!I used greenhouse garden stamps, and razzleberry lemonade designer paper. I like how this came out. The side pieces were punched with my martha stewart border punch.

I wanted to update you on my hip progress. I went to P.T. and they measured my Range of Motion and strength in my left leg and compared it to my right. The left leg is just a bit behind the right. Isn't that great? I was thrilled to hear that. I am getting around well with the cane and Monday will begin taking steps without the cane. I've been doing that a little bit here at home since the P.T. told me we'd be doing it Monday. Most of the people these therapists see are 70 and up, so I'm a spring chicken compared to them.
I have been very busy getting lesson plans done and all sorts of things organized for my substitute. My kids have been in two days with me to help me get my classroom ready. They are the BEST two kids in the world! They didn't have a choice, but came and helped tremendously! I couldn't ask for two better helpers. Of course Patti, my assistant was there both days as well. She's unbelieveable what she can do. All in all we had a great day getting ready for Open House and the first day of school with a substitute.
As I continue to get better here at home, I continue to pray for my dear friend who is dealing with knee pain from an accident on the job that hasn't been taking care of in 7 months. She finally went to a lawyer and worst case she'll have her new knee in October. Please pray for Val that the Lord will sustain her in her time of pain. She hasn't driven in 7 months either since it's her right knee that is so painful. Thank you for visiting and praying with me.
Bless you for stopping by.

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