Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pain Tops the Day-But Stamping Helps

Today began with Physical therapy which is tough when you're trying to build cut muscles......ugh.  I slept a lot today and feel so tired.  I did have a chance to make a card late in the day for the sketch challenge on SCS.  Here's my card.  See what you think.........this was hard for me.
Look at this beautiful fruit basket.  This is from a dear friend Jane.  She truly brightened my day.  Thank you Jane.  This came with a plant inside too.  The plant is in my sunny window. You brightened my rooms and heart today with your love and caring.

Check out this absolutely darling card from Karen-redbugdriver.  I just love it.  It made me laugh out loud Karen~I told her I wished my hospital gown would have had a pretty bow like that.  It would have given everyone something pretty to look at! LOL  Thank you Karen for the wonderful laugh.  You truly brightened my day.

This is a card from a woman at church reminding me who paid the ultimate price for me.  He's also the ultimate surgeon and healer.  Thanks Karen for the reminder.  This is a beautiful card.

This is going to be a short post tonight as I'm in pain and need to close my eyes and let the medicine take over.  Thanks for your continued prayers my friends.  Hugs to you and may God continually follow you and keep near to you.

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